giuliano foca artigiano

Giuliano Foca, Craftsman

I was born in the eternal city, Rome, where workshops are places in which it is still possible to get lost in a fantastic world, and where you can still ask questions even if you are too little to reach the counter. Art has always surrounded me, inspired me and it has taken me to this point. I trained as a graphic designer, constantly working with materials and ideas.

After arriving in Perugia to continue my studies, I become fascinated with the art of working with leather and I start working in a workshop. In the following ten years, I learn the secrets that lead me to becoming a craftsman myself. I specialise in manufacturing leather goods, in bookbinding and in designing and creating accessories in which I can blend different elements.

I then decide to follow the passion that I have felt growing inside me throughout the years. That passion has found its expression in the exclusively Italian materials that have been my faithful companions.
This is how Opera Lènta was born - from the dreams of a craftsman who makes everything with his own hands.