A practical and effective companion to everyday life. A single cover that wraps every idea, every mark, every thought.
Diaries, journals, sketchbooks and the desire to write, jot down, draw.

A choice that is made again every day, at every touch. Genuine leather covers, various colours and formats. Thanks to the standard formats of the covers, you can mix and match interiors and choose the most convenient one for you!

Genuine leather covers, various colours and formats.


The art of Italian bookbinding teaches us that beauty has no age.
Photo albums, signature books. History marks the present and points to a way for the future.

The techniques of Italian bookbinding are brought into original pieces, in which memories, passions and desires are carefully looked after. Décor items for your home or office. A new story, eager to begin.

Vegetable-tanned leather, hand-padded, various colours and formats. Various extracts. Elements from the past.


Unique like a journey. Fibres from the Sicilian prickly pear tree (Opuntia Ficus Indica) accompany your words, your thoughts, your memories.
Photo albums, signature books, guest books.

Opuntia offers a unique visual and tactile experience. Every piece is created through Opera Lènta exclusive manufacturing processes. The fibre of Opuntia Ficus Indicָa we use is grown in Caltagirone (Catania, Sicily) in a farm that promotes water efficiency, soil improvement and biodiversity. Give ambiance to your home or office! These pieces are not easily forgotten!

Vegetable-tanned leather, hand-padded. Fibre.


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